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Products introduction

UC Platform

The iPECS, converged Unified Communications Platform, that delivers a complete product lineup for Unified Communications. iPECS UC platforms are at the heart of the iPECS solutions that have highly reliable hardware and software, fully distributed IP architecture and rich set of easy to use features.


The iPECS, Applications for Business Performance, offers various applications and mobile clients for you to fulfill different needs and requirements in your business . The iPECS applications enrich the business communications experience and empower collaboration.


The iPECS supports an extensive range of phones such as IP and digital phones, SIP phones, DECT and Mobile Client to suit your unique business telephony needs. These terminals are designed for business users who require a range of feature-rich telephony devices to match constantly changing business needs.


The iPECS Ethernet Switch families are designed to be simpler to install, smarter to manage, highly reliable and affordable with iPECS UC platform. The iPECS Ethernet Switch solutions perfectly solve the needs from the varying environments and challenges with less effort and lower investment.

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