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Fit to your goals and budget

iPECS Cloud features outstanding flexibility in deployment and can be deployed as a Public, Private and Hybrid cloud solution. Different businesses have different communication needs and environments. With iPECS Cloud, you can deploy the best fit to your business needs. iPECS Cloud allows you to have your network transformation goals aligned to your budget plan.

Easily expand your business

As your business grows, and you find yourself with the need to expand your communications network to the branch offices, you can easily do this with the iPECS Cloud. With the iPECS Cloud, there is no need to invest in additional hardware for your inter-office communications. iPECS Cloud allows you to minimize your CAPEX on your business. With iPECS Cloud, you can easily customize your business network deployment for multi-sites thanks to the multi-tenant service. In addition, all site's networks are managed from the centralized web GUI for your IT manager's convenience.

Combine all your businesses in security

iPECS Cloud SBC nodes ensure communication security is provided through the extension, media and SIP trunks with a variety of security features, including Abnormal message/Flooding/Call attack protection and much more. In addition, Call barring control is possible for call fraud protection through the setting of charge limits within the Billing gateway. With all these powerful security features, your business can be easily integrated while keeping business information secure.

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