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Do you want to do Cloud business?

Have you considered moving your business model to the cloud? Do you worry about the entry cost for starting a cloud business? May we suggest our low cost cloud solution, 'iPECS Cloud'. We provide initial setup and technical training support at minimal costs. So, if you're considering moving your business model into the cloud, then let iPECS Cloud be your answer.

Building your own business model

We offer you the freedom to create your cloud business that best suits your business model. Depending on your business model, you can build your own solutions and sales model to meet your needs and capacity. You can either serve as a total service provider for a single-tier sales model or create multi-tier sales model with distributors and resellers depending on your business model needs.

No limitation for minimum of quantity

With our minimum user license model, you can take on the smallest of customers to the larger enterprise customers. No need to worry about missing out on the smaller single site with iPECS Cloud! Absolutely no limitations on the minimum quantity for users, and we offer 'pay as you sell' model. You can incrementally expand capacity up to 2,500 tenants and 50,000 users as your customer's business grows. Don't miss out on another opportunity, and let's grow together.

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