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Communicate like your in the office

Laptop, Tablet PC and Mobile. In this era of ubiquitous computing, diverse devices become more common for communication. And most of your employees are communicating with multiple devices. With iPECS UCE being in iPECS Cloud, you can enjoy the same rich features like voice, video and collaboration tools with any of your devices at anytime, anywhere. Also, your extension number will be the same on all your devices as one number service. With one number service, you can communicate just like your in the office without limitations. iPECS Cloud allows you expand your business communication route.

Continuity for your communication and business

iPECS Cloud provides the perfect UcaaS environment for seamless communication. Users can boost productivity as iPECS UCE delivers an integrated communication that is always available on their desktop, laptop, mobile and tablets.(Android/iOS) Enjoy the empowering features including presence, instant voice/video communication, e-mail, text, chat and much more. You can collaborate anytime, anywhere with no restrictions.

Improve customer service

You may have experienced missing an important business call while you're out of office. Having continuity in your business communication is very important for your customer satisfaction. iPECS Cloud integrates your office's communication as a seamless service to your customer. It connects offices and individuals seamlessly to support real-time communication and bring customers closer. Through iPECS Cloud's integration, you can easily see improved customer services that will guarantee customer satisfaction.

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