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IP Phone

Enhanced Touch Screen IP Video Phone, LIP-9071

LIP-9071 is a high-end IP video phone with diverse UC features. iPECS platforms are integrated with LIP-9071 to support the iPECS UC solution and NFC tagging is provided for easy access to smart office solutions. This highend video phone supports HD quality video and voice communications. LIP-9071 will give you a more effective work environment.

Enjoy High Voice Quality IP Phone, LIP-9000 Series

Enjoy the wide selection of system IP phones. There are 4 types from basic level to professional business terminals, designed to best fit the users’ business needs. The Ericsson-LG proprietary protocol provides fully integrated system features just like a conventional feature rich PBX solution.

Full Featured SIP Phones, IP9800 Series

IP9800 Series are user friendly and easy-to-use standard SIP phones that enrich your communications experience. iPECS IP9800 Series are designed to best fit users’ business needs and Ericsson-LG Enterprise offers the broadest array of terminals from a basic entry level that lets you enjoy the benefits of IP telephony in its simplest form to the highly sophisticated needs of executives and global communicators. Ericsson-LG Enterprise SIP phones are cost effective, simple to install and easy to use with future proof technology.

Digital Phone

Improved Voice Quality and Newly Designed Digital Phone, LDP-9200 Series

Empower your business with LDP-9200 Series. Newly designed and rich features, LDP-9200 Series have an intuitive interface that improves user usability. Also, it provides high voice quality to increase user experience. With wide range of models, it allows for diverse combinations that fit any business environment.

Simple and Ease of Use Digital Phone, LDP-7000 Series

The LDP Series are Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s Digital desktop phones that bring the functionality of iPECS-LIK, iPECS-MG and ipLDK to the desktop with display-based interfaces, call log, self-labeling keys, and simplified administration. Also Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s digital telephones meet the diverse requirements for features, reliability, ease of use, and productivity as well as ergonomic user friendly design.

Wireless Phone

Full Featured and Cost Effective IP DECT Solution, GDC-800H

Ericsson-LG Enterprise provides a new and cost effective business IP DECT solution with rich DECT features for both enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses.

Value Featured DECT Solution, GDC-500H/480H

GDC-500H/480H is a perfect business DECT phone for small and medium sized business delivering enhanced mobility with high quality voice and diverse functions.

Optimized Wireless Phone for Seamless Communication, WIT-400HE

WIT-400HE is a Wireless LAN phone that delivers enhanced mobility for your business communications. Integrated with Ericsson-LG Enterprise call platforms, WIT-400HE provides seamless and reliable communications and improves your business productivity.

Analog Phone

A Basic of Analag Phones with Modern Design, LKA-200 Series

A simple analog phones, LKA Series contains a set of user friendly features and secure connection to Ericsson-LG Enterprise PBXs.

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