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Pay as you grow

iPECS Cloud will set you free from complexity and concerns over your resource utilization for business communications. iPECS Cloud features excellent flexibility and is true to the 'Pay As You Grow' concept. You can adjust capacity, features and applications as needed through the simple management tool. iPECS Cloud will let you optimize your communication needs as your business grows.

Easy start up cloud solution

Due to no minimum quantity requirements for licenses in iPECS Cloud, you can start service from a single license..,, so you can easily get a cloud solution while protecting your IT resources. With iPECS Cloud, you will experience high quality and reliable communications like the on premise solution that you are using now. Also, you can focus on your core business without having additional IT expenses. iPECS Cloud is simply the best answer to meet your needs and minimize the upfront investment on your business communication solution.

Focus on the Now

iPECS Cloud delivers best in breed 'Agility' so that you can keep up with the rapidly changing business environment. All you have to do is focus on your core competencies. You don't need to invest everything from day one. Ericsson-LG Enterprise will enable you to stay up to date with the optimized business communication solution 'iPECS Cloud'.

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