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iPECS Communication solution

" We create innovation in business communications."

Bringing its premium brand 'iPECS' in the market, Ericsson-LG Enterprise delivers customized Unified Communication Solutions combines a fully distributed IP architecture UC platform, an extensive range of phones, various platform software and user applications and simple and smart ethernet switches. We can help you experience better ways of communication and create new business opportunities.

iPECS introduction in video

iPECS Cloud

iPECS Cloud is a  Best-In-Class UCaaS solution  accommodated to the cloud environment. iPECS Cloud contains  Agility, Flexibility  and  Simplicity  on top of the proven technology of Ericsson-LG Enterprise, leading in business communications. Equipped with a variety of end-points, applications and features, iPECS Cloud could be your smart option for your communication system.

Unified Communications

Currently people and devices are more and more connected in a network world. Personal device such as mobile phone or camera is connected as well as business equipments on the same network. Also, the media connected to the business network becomes more various.

For enterprise the value of connectivity is in driving efficiency, quality of offering and possibility for new services to the company’s employees and customers. People are also connected in lots of societies including working places as well as personal networks. In the networked environment, people don’t work him/herself any more and should collaborate among others in local or remote areas.

Unified Communication is the solution to deliver such values of connectivity more simply and easily with unified interface for communication and collaboration. Ericsson-LG Enterprise's iPECS UCS is a server based application which provides single point of communication customized for SME and LME environment.

Businesses are getting more and more demanding on multimedia communication and seamless connection. Server based directory and presence database push required information to clients so that each client can optimize their communication by setting Individual Call Routing table through GUI. Application sharing, multi-party video&audio conference also support your business for collaboration ahead of competitors. Integrated with 3rd party applications make you to use the same and more integrated features without changing any of your good old habits. In addition, the mobile client will enhance the communication and collaboration experience to mobile environment.


The iPECS offers IP based hospitality solution addressing the communication needs of hotels, motels, nursing homes, resorts and similar hospitality industry business. Such business can achieve improved guest experience, increased staff productivity, reduced costs and drive new revenue streams through iPECS hospitality solution incorporating iPECS call platforms, PC based Attendant, various IP phones, UC and mobility solutions.

At the core of an iPECS hospitality solution is the iPECS call platforms, iPECS-CM, iPECS UCP and iPECS eMG series. They are highly flexible and can engage traditional SLT phones while combining new IP and soft phones for advanced features access. As new services to reduce cost and improve productivity are needed, they can easily integrate into the iPECS call platforms with IP based applications.

To provide cost effective IP based hospitality solution, iPECS offers built-in hotel software for basic hotel services, customer care, embedded web management and presence based workforce productivity improvement with iPECS UCS. In addition, iPECS call platforms can integrate with Property Management System(PMS) software to further improve the efficiency of the hospitality business. iPECS call platforms are certified with world leading PMS software Micros Fidelio PMS. iPECS Hotel PMS(iPECS Attendant Hotel) enables to provide PMS functionalities for the customers who seek for the cost effective and efficient hospitality solution. With iPECS hospitality solution, you can empower hospitality service and staff productivity.


No matter how big the company is, business communications are becoming more diverse and mobile. The iPECS mobility solution meets the companies’ needs on mobile communication and collaboration in cost-effective and secure ways.

iPECS offers the way to securely connect and collaborate with employees' personal tools. As many companies are now utilizing personal devices for work, there is a need for secure mobile communications.iPECS call platforms and applications support BYOD to help companies and users reduce costs, increase productivity and enhance customer experiences in secure environment.

Business integrated mobility solution enable seamless and streamlined communications for workers as they no longer miss their business calls or messages and respond promptly. In addition, iPECS provides real-time collaboration applications for mobile workers. From laptop to smart phone, users can fully utilize the features of unified communication and collaboration including voice call, chat, SMS, presence, video conference and more. Wherever you are, you can cooperate with your colleagues in real-time, which robust business productivity and efficiency.

Contact Centre

Today’s contact center is under evolution both in customer service and solution architecture. The solution must be highly scalable, fully featured and enabling customer interactions across multiple channels in a single platform. To address these changes, contact center should adopt new modes of communication including social media, e-mail and chat as well as traditional IP telephony and IVR environment, which can enhance the customer experiences.

The iPECS contact center solution is to help companies deliver optimal customer service with the right resources meeting the customers' needs. It enables various and advanced routing via multi-channel queuing for all customer interactions. It will increase contact center productivity, which generates customer satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, iPECS provides contact center platform which is a single platform solution to support various functionalities. Its software-based architecture enables to deploy all the functions in a single platform, and provides a comprehensive service.

The new media driven by the new generation should be adopted to the contact center. Social media including Facebook and Twitter are now integrated to your contact center as well as web-chat and e-mail services, which reduces the waiting time and call drop ratio and increases customer satisfaction and your staff productivity. By providing API to interface with comprehensive business applications, your contact center can utilize communication enabled business process.

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